Tatiana Calderón

Unique Transformation

Based on the methodology of Tatiana Calderón, a trailblazer. Calderón is the first Latin American woman to drive Formula 1.

From training, to innovating,
to competing...

Her key experiences have been distilled and reimagined into an intense program for corporate transformation.

  • The Program

    Six stage consultative and inspirational program.

  • Our Team

    You will work with Tatiana and a team of highly skilled consultants led by Alvaro Melendez, an awarded creative and innovator.

  • Your Company

    We will integrally examine and design a creative plan to strengthen your company.

Who is this program designed for?

Companies that are determined to innovate the best strategies.

What will you get?

A proven transformation method yielding a practical, actionable plan to inspire and motivate your teams and drive transformation A mix of highly experienced consultants with an unforgettable and newsworthy experience with Tatiana.

“You compete with your body but you win with your mind”

Tatiana Calderón, Behavioral and Digital Transformation Program



“What is my purpose?
Why should people care?”

Calderón: Our success is the result of tenacity and conviction. I want to prove that women and men can compete at the same level in motorsport.

This is important because many young women still limit themselves towards the achievement of their goals and society is strongly to blame. We need to break those barriers and prove it can be done.


“How do I need to transform my body to compete?”

Calderón: I had to build up muscle in my neck to withstand the up to 5G -forces that it experiences when driving a Formula 1 car. 1G-force is about 7kg.

I also had to transform my body through focused training to generate more quick muscle fibers, since women have naturally less than men.

"So to understand this weight just imagine having...five large fire extinguishers strapped to your head for two hours and then tell me that this is not a demonstration of physical agility.
What does it take to stop this car that’s hurtling towards the next corner at 200 mph? Our driver needs to generate 80 kilograms of downward pressure on the brake pedal just to get this beast to slow. That is equivalent to about the weight of 175 bags of sugar. For the drivers to be able to do this, again the same rules apply for the legs as they do with the arms. Strong is good, bulk is bad."


“How do I need to transform my mind to win?”

Calderón: I work on a winning mind that combines the most important KPIs into a single mindset, focusing on ambition, resilience, creative and experimental attitude, and empathy. Fight the stereotype in your own mind.

During the race this means keeping the car on the road at 300 km/h, switching buttons on the driving wheel while talking to your engineers, pushing the brakes in the exact right moment and surpassing your rivals. All at the same time, concentration and peripheral vision are key to success and they need to be trained.


“What rules need to be changed for me to have a winning chance?”

Calderón: I started driving a car with a steering wheel designed for large male hands, but my hands are small and driving gave me cramps. It was not allowed to modify the steering wheel.

I worked closely with the FIA, to modify the regulations, so it would help introduce modifications to certain spare parts and adapt them to my needs. Women and men have different body measurements and when it comes to performance every fraction of a second counts. To win those, every detail counts.


“What perceptions do I need to change to have a winning chance?”

Calderón: I knew I had the strength to brake like the male drivers, my trainers could measure the weight I was lifting and the wager I was able to transfer and there was no way I couldn’t do it. But my engineer, my team and my mechanics had a different opinion: a woman can’t brake with the same power.

I had to prove them wrong and make them believe in me. I installed a Camera inside to identify what was going on inside the cockpit and we discovered the problem was the size of my feet. I wear a boot size 37, compared to the male counterparts which are usually in average a size 42, so I was braking with my toes. Since then I have been racing with a platform underneath my feet to rise them. Once the braking and performance changed, they changed their attitude, perception and mentality towards and started looking for other areas of improvement.

Race Strategy

“How will I win? What is my Race Strategy?”

Calderón: I can't satisfy everybody, I work for my true fans, those who want me to prove women can compete and win against man in a race car.

What will I do better than the rest? I focus on finding my strengths and work towards highlighting them. Of course I also work on my weaknesses, but I understood that because we, as Women, feel differently, express differently and perceive differently, we also drive in a different way. That doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong, because we can achieve the same lap time.

What can my fans expect from me? To be inspired by a way of life, where I don’t take a no for an answer, I challenge it. I work to achieve my dreams, to drive the changes, to break the barriers.



The Calderón Program is designed after the tenacity that makes Tatiana one of the fastest women in motorsport.

From training, to innovating, to competing: her key experiences have been distilled and reimagined into an intense program for corporate transformation.

With this methodology Tatiana helps companies and individuals achieve their highest potential and compete at the highest level.